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Do you know how dangerous dehydration could be?

Dehydration can highly affect your kidneys and can increase the risk of kidney stones which also involve damaging your muscles and cause constipation. Dehydration can also lead to some very serious complications inside the human body that involves seizures, swelling of the brain, kidney failure, Shock, coma and even death. But worry not!
Because you can avoid dehydration and its horrific symptoms by staying hydrated!

Now what’s meant by hydration and why is it so important for the human body?

Scientifically hydration is referred to as the ability of the human body to absorb water and fulfil the liquid need of the body and this process is highly linked to how much water is available to it. Every single cell and tissue inside the human body needs water to perform its functions normally, especially when it comes to maintaining the temperature of the human body and also for the disposal of waste products along with joint lubrication. All these facts highlight the importance of staying hydrated and how essential it is for maintaining good health. When the body is not hydrated enough it faces several problems starting from dry skin, fatigue, headache, and dizziness and in severe cases it can lead to dehydration.

Now the question is how much water do we need for staying hydrated?

To this question, NASEM answered the adequate amount for both men and women. According to the National Academy of Science Engineering and Medicine, 15 cups are required for men and 11 for women to stay hydrated. Unfortunately! Most people don’t drink that much amount of water daily.

How Alkaline water can play a role in better hydration?

Water that is high in pH level comes with numerous benefits that cannot be achieved by plain tap water!
pH is measured on a scale from 0 to 14 where the number 7 is considered neutral and if the pH level is lesser than 7 the water is considered acidic whereas the water with a value higher than 7 is considered Alkaline and can have a huge positive impact on the human body!
The pH level of the regular tap water is usually 7 or 6 which means it is slightly acidic. Normally alkaline water has a pH level of 8 and 9 and the difference doesn’t seem big in numbers but the impact is quite big and positive. The human body is designed to process the pH level of 7 and when the number increases the body works to neutralize the acidity level. By doing so the Alkaline water offers better hydration than plain tap water.
Top reasons to drink Alkaline water!
Increased pH level
The first and foremost reason is its increased pH level because the lesser the pH number the more acidic the water becomes. As discussed above Alkaline water has a pH level of 8 and 9 which makes it far more beneficial for the human body when it comes to neutralizing acids inside the human body in comparison to other kinds of drinking water.

Want to boost your energy?  

Use alkaline water instead of plain tap water for drinking purposes because it will boost your energy levels. As the presence of too much acid inside the human body can result in the loss of energy and can lead to several problems like increased fatigue, and drowsiness and some of the symptoms are similar to those of dehydration.  Alkaline water will restore your energy levels and will neutralize the acid level inside your body.

Provides extra hydration!

Another reason to drink alkaline water is that it is providing extra hydration in comparison to the other forms of water. As proved by the research published in the Journal of the international society of sports nutrition. It has increased hydrating effects on the human body and these benefits were never achieved by drinking plain tap water. It enhances your hydration level as it reduces blood viscosity and is highly recommended for those who are gym enthusiasts.

Reduce signs of ageing!

55% of women’s body and 60% of men’s body is water which clearly shows how much it is important to drink good quality water and stay hydrated. The benefits of alkaline water do not limit to the inner health of the human body but also help in fulfilling beauty goals. Such as consumption of alkaline water can delay the ageing process as ageing is also linked with the habits of drinking water. People who stay hydrated are less likely to age faster than those who do not take adequate amounts of water daily.
Bottom line!
Drink Alkaline water for a healthy and beautiful body!