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Did you know that alkaline water provides many benefits that may increase you overall health?


Blue Star is offering products for your health and body.  You’ll have the options of CBD and Two Old Goats products.

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Ask about our products for home and business.  We have water heaters and water machines to order.  Coming soon.

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We’re waiting to hear from you.  We’re so excited to provide products for your home, office or business.  Connect with us today!  Our products are available.

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Blue Star Alkaline Water is clean, pure, and refreshing.  We assure you that our water brings good health and enjoyment.  Stop by the water store to get your bottle of Blue Star Alkaline Water.

Products to keep you healthy

Try CBD coffee and make it your early morning drink of choice.  This can take the place of your caffeine consumption.  Become the next person to recognize the value in CBD products.

Providing living water

Blue Star Alkaline Water Store provides authentic water clean and pure water.  When you arrive to the location you’ll have the choice of PET or and BPA free bottles and different levels of pH alkaline water.  We are a local store with the state of the art water refilling station.

Drink Alkaline Water If You Want To Stay Healthy!

The food that you take in and the contaminated air that you breathe in, make a great deal of acidic waste in your body. Indeed, even the tap water that goes to your house isn't safe to drink directly as it contains numerous poisons, chlorine, fluorine and different minerals in it.

Alkaline water that you can easily get at your local Alkaline water store Austin, TX benefits your health and improves your immunity strength that is specially required in the times of pandemic.

A peep into alkaline water

Alkaline water helps your body when it’s to acidic and it help expels toxins from your body. Tap water typically has a pH level of 6. In the event that the body is exorbitantly acidic, there is an absence of oxygen accessible in your body cells, and you won't be healthy.

At the point when your body is alkaline, and it is getting adequate minerals from the food and beverages to stay alkaline, your blood will work at its highest health peek. Giving oxygen to the body cells and expelling all acidic waste from the body is noteworthy for health.

The additional measure of acid present in your body debilitates your immunity power and could cause diseases. Then again, if your body is alkaline, it will work better. Alkaline water acts to kill the acids present in the body and empowers it to flush out the poisonous, acidic waste.

Alkaline water is ionized water

Ionized water is alkaline, wealthy in antioxidants and is liberated from microorganisms just as other volatile organic substances, for example, chlorine, fluorine and destructive follow metals present in faucet water. It likewise contains an abundance of oxygen molecules and holds healthy minerals. Ionized alkaline water benefits the health as it makes the entry of water between your body-cells simpler.

Alkaline water gives oxygen to the body cells to dispose of toxins. Antioxidants are critical to improve your health. The ionized water has a higher antioxidant level, and is increasingly valuable for your health and resistant framework. ORP means the Oxidation Reduction Potential of ionized water and measures the antioxidant level of ionized water.

Alkaline ionized water additionally tops off the shortage of calcium, helps your body prevent bone loss.

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I’ve been drinking alkaline water for about three weeks. I have lots of energy for walking. My blood pressure is 127/80; I lost 4 pounds; my legs are pain-free. I’m so proud of myself and for choosing the water. Thank you so very much. Praise God, all the glory to Him. 

Liza Byrd

I searched several places in Austin for alkaline water delivery and Blue Star has the best, most pure tasting water. But what I really appreciate is that Janie and her staff truly care about your health and well-being. They are so flexible and fantastic to work with, I trust them. I highly recommend Blue Star and would not go anywhere else for my water!

Paula A.

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